Film Scripts

From spooky ghost-stories to laugh-out-loud slapstick, from show-biz satire to quirky human dramas, IMAGE PIE's film scripts have something for everyone.

In ASHES, a nerdy student in New Orleans raises the ghost of his long-dead ancestor, by means of reconstituting... and ingesting... his mortal remains.

DANNY BUCKAROO centers around a magical costume trunk that allows a loser comic to channel a legendary vaudeville legend named Danny Buckaroo, an all around cad you-love-to-hate.
STRANGE FRUIT takes a bumbling, Clouseau-style FBI agent to a Latin American narco-republic where bananas have been crossed with cocaine.
And in JEAN MARTEL IS ALIVE & WELL, a couple of slacker denizens of New York's Lower East Side invent a mythic French hipster/crooner... who turns out to have a life all his own.

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